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Installation Guide

To install Linux Lite you will need to download the ISO file, then create either a bootable DVD or USB stick from the ISO. To create a bootable DVD, you need to burn the ISO as an "image" to the DVD. Below are listed three free Windows programs that will enable you to do that. If burning to a USB stick, we have also listed a free program that we recommend for doing that in Windows; or a reliable method to create a bootable USB when using a Linux system, or OSX.
Once you have your bootable media created, you may need to access your computer's BIOS settings to set the boot order for booting CD/DVD/USB's first (before the hard drive). Typically there will be one or two special keys that can be pressed during initial power-up of the computer (before an operating system starts booting) that will allow you access to either the BIOS Settings/Startup Menu or a separate Boot Menu. Specific keys vary from one manufacturer to the next, so refer to your user manual if you are not sure how to access the settings.


CPU: 700MHz processor
RAM: 512mb ram
RESOLUTION: VGA screen 1024x768 resolution
MEDIA: DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image
CPU: 1.5GHz processor
RAM: 1024mb ram
RESOLUTION: VGA, DVI or HDMI screen 1366x768
MEDIA: DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image


If you are writing the ISO to a USB on Windows, please 
If you are writing the ISO to a USB on Linux, please use the following:
Ubuntu Based Distributions: sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk
Others: sudo dd if=linux-lite-3.2-32bit.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=4M

Yumi, Multiboot and other multi-boot applications are not supported.
Laptop/Ultrabook/Netbook users: If the screen locks during Live mode, type linux into the user box and click on the Login button (no password required)
Linux Lite 3.2 32bit - 1st November, 2016
FILENAME: linux-lite-3.2-32bit.iso
MD5SUM: 12d43af6f746cf5ade8f1408da5f84c8
TORRENT HASH: bffbe96397b034aac43fd7227cb32b937d4af98a
LIVE USER: Login to the live desktop is automatic
BASE: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

                                                               DOWNLOAD 32bit

Linux Lite 3.2 64bit - 1st November, 2016
FILENAME: linux-lite-3.2-64bit.iso
MD5SUM: c0e272b0bc8b3a818d8ecb4c07bfdd4d
TORRENT HASH: 7385ca64946612b3bd6b2e60b2c4eb79d1aa77f0
LIVE USER: Login to the live desktop is automatic
BASE: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

                                                                DOWNLOAD 64bit

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