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With Gryptonite you can manage all your access keys for your different services. You can store them with safely without having to worry about your security

In view of the amount of services and applications for which we need access keys (email, social networks, virtual banking...) it's sometimes hard to remember so many passwords. That's why solutions like Gryptonite are always welcome.

This password and key manager for Linux users offers us some very useful features so that we don't have to remember all our passwords and to make sure we don't lose them. They're all stored using a master password with AES encryption as well as offering rapid access to the web services you use the most.

The features of Gryptonite, previously known as GPassword Manager

  • Intuitive interface without confusing menus and options.
  • Safe file encryption.
  • Shortcuts to your list of favorite services.
  • Drag and drop passwords and other information to forms.
  • Quick search toolbar.
  • Automatic random password generator.

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