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There are many different browsers available. In the war waged by the main browsers to get hold of the largest amount of users, the disadvantage that Firefox starts off with regarding its main competitors, Chrome and Internet Explorer, in terms of resources and financial support, doesn't prevent it from being one of the favourites. Find out why for yourself.

Many reasons to turn it into your default browser

It is not a coincidence that Firefox stands out for being one of the favourite browsers for Internet users. This browser has evolved correctly and has known how to adapt rapidly to the needs of the Internet, obliging its competitors to change their pace on many occasions. It has very good features such as its speed, usability and security, but what really helps it to make the difference is none other than its wide range of add-onscapable of expanding its functions.


  • High performance browser with quick starts, rendered graphics acceleration and JavaScript engine.
  • Stability regarding plug-in failures.
  • Security improvements that include the identification of websites, private browsing and resources to avoid your activity being tracked, among others.
  • Browser customization by means of a wide range of offers.
  • Continuous adaptation to modifications to web standards.
  • Simpler browsing thanks to the functions of its address bar and its tab system.

A safe choice

Once you have chosen Firefox, you'll probably never use any other browser. Always in constant evolution, Mozilla is concerned about integrating all the modifications necessary to improve the user experience. Its updates are continuous and you'll notice how it is always at the cutting edge.
Download Firefox for Linux right now and enjoy the best browsing experience.

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