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Many computers nowadays come with webcams attached, and most off the shelf webcams are very affordable. Now using Webcam Video Capture you can easily record your own videos from your webcam, using a basic, intuitive user interface. It’s not just for getting the recording from your webcam either for that matter, you can record what’s happening on your screen as well, choosing Now creating and publishing home videos is easier than ever. Make a step by step installation guide where the user can see exactly what you do, or talk about a website as you navigate through it. You can use your webcam to record your voice and lay it over any other video you record. Prepare a video lecture on your favourite subject and share it with the world. Stream direct video to anywhere you like, or record what you have to say for later. Show people exactly what you mean with this simple but powerful tool that everyone should have. Webcam Video Capture can export to both AVI and WMV formats, the most common video compressions around, making for easy use. The program will work with all major webcam brands.

Resize and adjust before you record video.

Add color effects to video as you record

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