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Tiny DHCP Server is a simplistic, yet extremely useful application that sets up a DHCP service on your network. It supports up to 64 different network adapters simultaneously, and despite being extremely compact, it is surprisingly feature-rich.
With an incredibly small file size of only about 100 kB, Tiny DHCP Server downloads and installs almost instantaneously, and is compatible with all known versions of Windows. It should be noted that you may need to run the install/setup file with administrative rights by right clicking it and selecting "Run As Administrator."
The Tiny DHCP Server interface is about as simple as it can get, with nothing more than the necessary fields needed to set up a network configuration. With a detailed help file that explains how to configure each setting, even the most novice users should be able to use this software to manage a network of clients with ease. Adding a new network configuration profile is as simple as clicking the "Add New" button in the bottom left corner. In the bottom right corner there is a comment box, where you can add notes about each profile to simplify your job as an administrator.

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