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Dumpster Photo & Video Restore


                            Download Dumpster Photo & Video Restore for Free

Hello from the dumpster! Dumpster works as an ultimate recycle bin that allows you to restore all the lost content like your photos, videos, music files etc. Dumpster is completely compatible with Windows or Mac desktop computer. It also has the ability to recover data from your Cloud storages like Google Drive, one drive, Dropbox etc.
Let's have a look at the features of this application.
  • Dumpster is completely free.
  • You don't need to read your device to use dumpster.
  • It backups and restores all the lost data and deleted files from your phone.
  • It allows you to recover your content directly from the cloud storages.
  • You are never going to lose anything again because dumpster will recycle it for you every time.
  • It restores all your deleted pictures, music files, videos and almost all file types including MP4, jpg, png, txt etc.
  • Rooting is not a necessity for this application to work what if your device is rooted, they are better chances for this application to work more smoothly.
  • You don't even require an internet connection restore your data.
  • You can also be stored all the applications that you have deleted from your phone.
  • You can also put if you deleted photos and videos before recovering them.
  • You can easily send your files to dumpster using the shared and sent to feature.
  • You can also schedule an auto clean of all the deleted items.
  • It has a special lock screen that protects your photos.

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

Dumpster Photo & Video Restore v2.11.242.59082 APK (8MB)

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