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5 Clicks provides users with an incredibly simple way to make screenshots. Utilizing simple controls and fast results, you will never want to go back to the Print Screen button again.
The program's interface demands users stop at the Help file, since all you are given is a five-way arrow icon with no instruction. Luckily, the five-step instructions are so simple that users will be making screen shots within minutes. The program embeds itself into your toolbar, but can be activated with a single click to its icon. When users see something onscreen they want to capture and click that icon, a five-way star appears onscreen. Users simply click one of its arrows and drag an outline of what they want to save. As soon as the mouse button is released a screen featuring the shot appears along with commands for Copying, Saving, and Printing. All are self-explanatory and work quickly and easily. We loved everything about this program's speed, ease, and simplicity during our test. The program is pretty bare-bones, as far as special features. Though we did appreciate how the arrow icon showed our pictures dimensions as we stretched our screenshot outline over the screen.
The program comes with an ample, 30-day trial period. With its incredible ease and fantastic screenshots, we recommend 5 Clicks for all user levels.

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