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Camtasia Studio 8 created by TechSmith exists as a dependable screen footage and audio-video editing instrument that assists users transport their idea effectively and conveniently from almost any tool. Using this software, you can easily furnish written evidence of your monitor to grab hold of PowerPoint transparencies, software samples, pages on the web, among others.
Then, you can enhance your visual recordings by introducing existing channels or making use of the wide selection of reworking tools of Camtasia Studio 8 to generate powerful, expert videos. Videos could even be distributed directly to Google Drive, YouTube, or free holding sites, such as Screencast.com, aimed at easy watching!

                                                       Camtasia Studio 8 Image

Camtasia Studio 8 includes updates, improvements, or wiretap fixes. It supports you from monitor recording towards a finished film. You can use it towards making lessons or merchandise demos. And it turns your monitor recordings hooked on compelling videotapes with its video checking tools, cartoons, and special effects.
Therefore, it is a VCR that catches exactly whatever you require every moment. You can record any part of the screen needed, down to its pixel. It has exact crosshairs that makes it easy to catch windows, areas, or the entire computer screen. In a nutshell, here is what you can do with this software:
1. Edit video and audio separately
After recording, it will bring in your audio system, screen record, cursor, as well as a microphone on its personal tracks. This will make you easily revise them individually.
2. Incorporate a camera used in transmitting images over the web
You can now put a visage in your speech by simply putting on the webcam once you begin screen casting. It will just automatically include it by way of a distinct track.
3. Import additional footage
You can add real-world video tape with Fuse, the free portable app of TechSmith. You may also import current videos, pictures, and music to produce uniquely captured images that stick out.

1. Smooth running
It provides a great deal of lovely features within a flowing interface that builds screen-captured videos. Its processing is also a zephyr as you could set the line up to log either the monitor or a presentation in PowerPoint. You could also select to chronicle your whole screen or just a part of it by simply setting it before taping begins.

2. Finishing gears
Upon completing your monitor-captured recording as you wish, you could utilize the numerous tools contained within the package to complete your cinematic presentation. You could also employ built-in devices to boost and advance the acoustic excellence of your tone recording. The tools included in the package are:
  • a. Multiple shift options
  • b. Voice accounts
  • c. A zoom-and-pan and cursor impressions
  • d. Captions
  • e. Questioning
  • f. And many more.

Its main weak point is its errors and crashing. This software may crash during scrutiny. You may also receive an error note at regular intervals saying that the software could not initiate a copy for an unidentified reason. You may, however, remedy this by concluding the software and reopening it.
Camtasia Studio 8 Screenshot

Install Instructions:
1. Download all the neccessary files below. Use WinRAR or any extracting program you have.
2. Intsall Camtasia Studio 8 as Trial first.
3. You can block this URL* in  your host file by going through the following path below: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc – locate the file named ‘hosts’ and then add this URL activation.cloud.techsmith.com
4. Open Serial Key.txt using notepad. Copy and paste your serial key to the software and activate it.

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