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Streaming Audio Recorder is an application which allows you to record streaming audio. The program was designed to help you capture Internet radio broadcasts, or online music from Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. with just a few clicks.

Whether you are an advanced or just a beginner computer user, you will definitely be able to manage the program's simple and intuitive interface.

If you are not happy with the language selection you made during the installation process, you can always change it from the Settings menu.

The significant advantage in this application comes from its multiple functions. It not only helps you record radio broadcasts, but it also works as a music player, as well as a sound file editor and converter. Thus, the program enables you to transform any audio file into whichever other audio format, and also to edit tunes, rip and burn audio CDs, add ID3 tags information to your songs, create scheduled tasks, and many others.

Another appreciable advantage of this program is that it allows you to directly select the different audio formats in which you wish to record the audio streams, although it is recommended that you check the record settings before starting the process. Moreover, Streaming Audio Recorder includes a most useful search engine, which helps you find and download any music file you are looking for, although this feature does not function well when the signal of your Internet connection falters the least bit.

To conclude with, Streaming Audio Recorder provides an effective and fairly complex utility for recording audio streams, as well as editing and converting their outputs.

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