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Thousands of people search free online or offline dictionary for their computer but they cannot find full featured dictionary software for free because most of those software don’t have sufficient words. In this article, you can see top 10 free dictionary software that can be downloaded on your PC for free. Some are trial versions and some software allow you to download their full version for free. Okay let’s see the list of best free dictionary for your computer.
 Update– These  are still working well, but if you have the latest version of Windows operating system ( Windows 10 or Windows 8.1) on your computer , you can find many useful dictionary apps on Windows Appstore .

1. Babylon – Babylon is the most popular free dictionary and translation software that can be downloaded on your computer free of cost. Babylon is currently ranked as a number one dictionary software in the world that supports 75 different languages. This software has got many awards for serving quality translating service. Users can translate any language with only one click. Babylon software has been downloaded more than 100 million times by desktop users.

2. Wordweb – Wordweb is another great dictionary software that is available for free. Users can download full version without paying money. Wordweb is a free offline dictionary software that has large database of 150000 root words. WordWeb is one of the most popular dictionary programs that provides you one click translation feature without going online.

3. iFinger Collins English Dictionary – This software is one of the best dictionary software but you cannot download full version of this software for free but don’t worry because it allows you to download free trial version that can help you to solve your language problem with just one click. This software has many features with more than 2.5 billion words database.

4. Spoken English – Spoken English is one of the best software that helps users to learn speaking English easily. Spoken English software is available for free and you can download this software on your computer without purchasing paid version but if you buy full version software , you can get more help from this software.

5. Talk a Lot Spoken English Course – Another great free English teaching program that helps users learn speaking English easily. Actually this is not a dictionary software but it can help you to learn English. This is a free spoken English Course that contains 168 page PDF.

6. English-Hindi Talking Dictionary – English-Hindi Talking Dictionary is one of the best English teaching dictionaries that can also talk with you. If you are an Indian or want to learn Hindi or English vocabulary, this software can help you. Although full version of the software is not available for free but you can download its trial version.

7. Talking Dictionary– Talking dictionary helps you to learn words with correct pronunciation. Although talking dictionary is a paid program but you can download its trial version for free that will work on computer for 14 days after installing.

8. Free Medical Dictionary – Free medical dictionary is one of the best dictionary software for medical students. If you are a medical student or want to know medical terminology , this software for you. You can download full version of this software free of cost.

9. Big Grammar Book – Big Grammar Book is one of the most useful language teaching programs that helps teachers to learn perfect English with essential worksheets which provides practice for basic areas of knowledge for learners. You can download this program free of cost.

10. 1-Click Answers – One of the most useful software that can provide you all kinds of answers for your questions related to languages, internet or other topics. This software find answers of your asked question on the internet so that you can get full information about your queries. You can download full version of the software without paying money.
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