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Wise Care 365 - a software system package designed to optimize, tune and shut down your laptop. ready to quickly and safely shut down the register , unencumber space , defragment register and disc drive , recover deleted files , lock applications by setting a arcanum on startup, optimize memory, edit the list of self-loading applications, and more . There are a unit extra choices to cover and code vital files or folders, laptop improvement “one-click " and work on schedule.

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Key features:

Cleaning, defragmentation and improvement of the Windows register
Defragmentation and unencumber fixed disk area
Protect your privacy by erasing personal information chase
Recovering lost files
Ability to cover your vital files and folders
Prevention of unauthorized use of non-public references
Auto closing laptop
Freeing memory to boost the performance of games and software system
Simple "One Click Tune-up" choice to quickly optimize your laptop

Features transportable version:
- A conveyable version of the program doesn't need the installation of the system
- Treatment of comparable installation

Installation Instruction

1. Unzip the file
2. Install the App
3. Launch the Application or program
4. Run keygen for activation
You can use portable version for your work

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