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VMware Workstation 10 is a hypervisor that runs on x64 computers; it enables users to set up multiple virtual machines and use them simultaneously along with the actual machine. Each virtual machine can execute its own operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux or BSD variants. As such, VMware Workstation allows one physical machine to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Workstation is developed and sold by VMware, Inc., a division of EMC Corporation. So, Download VMWare Workstation Free Software Hat Offline Installer Setup from below link.
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Features of VMWare Workstation 10 :

  • New guest Operating System support.
    • Easy install detects Windows 8.1 and do the installation easily in unattended mode. Also some of the latest Linux distributions supported. 
  • Extended hardware support for VMs
    • Now we can create virtual machines with 16 vCPUs, 64GB of memory, 8 TB disks. Obviously to utilize this feature your physical computer must have enough resources.
    • The new version is having faster USB (v3)connection to virtual machine which can improve the data transfer from your USB devices.
    • Additional HDD controller can be found here, which is SATA controller. New virtual hard disks can be added through SATA controller to virtual machine for better data transfer rate.
  • Expiring Virtual machines
    • This new feature allows you to set up an expiry date for particular virtual machine which can not be started or accessed after expiry date. Only the administrator can give access back or modify any settings related to expiry date. This can be useful for testing or short term usage of virtual machine. 
  • Tablet Sensors
    • Now your virtual machines can sense the sensors (so understand the user’s action) of tablet computer. Therefore, the running applications inside virtual machine can work with sensors of physical tablet computer (if VMware workstation is installed in tablet computer)
New Operating System Supports, Support has been added for:
  • -Windows 8.1
  • -Windows 8.1 Enterprise
  • -Windows Server 2012 R2
  • -Ubuntu 13.10
  • As well as for the latest Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat and OpenSUSE releases. 
VMware Hardware Version 10:
This version of VMware Workstation includes VMware hardware Version 10 and is compatible with vSphere 5.5. Hardware versions introduce new virtual hardware functionality and new features while enabling VMware to run legacy operating systems in our virtual machines. New features included in this hardware version:

  • 16 vCPUs
  • 8 Terabyte Disks
  • Virtual SATA Disk Controller
  • USB Improvements
  • More VMnets
  • SSD Pass-through
  • Expiring Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Tablet Sensors
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Windows 8 Unity Mode Support
  • Multiple Monitor Navigation
  • Power Off Suspended Virtual Machines
  • Remote Hardware Upgrade
  • Localized into Simplified Chinese
  • New Converter
  • OVFTool
  • VMRun Enhancements
  • Cloud Management Tools
  • Embedded 30-day Trial
  • VMware KVM
  • WSX 1.1
Screenshots :

Download VMWare Workstation 2014 Mirrors:

Operating Systems: Windows 8 , Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows xp
Version: 10.0.4  (released: 27-June-2014)
Size : 451 MB
Developer: VMWare Inc
Homepage: Visit Homepage
License: Paid / Trail / Limited
Rating : 5/5

Download Links:
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