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You are here means You are suffering from the same Problem. As Bluestack Updated its Software with HD Gaming Features, the New BlueStack require High Graphic Software to Play the Games.

As Every PC has 2 Graphic Memory:
  1. Microsoft’s Direct3D >> Used to run Windows System and Applications.
  2. OpenGL >> Used to Run Android Programs and Games (Get OpenGL latest for your PC from here)
So when ever You Update you Window Your OpenGL. So You have to do it Manually.

While I was Installing the New BlueStack, it show me an Error 25000 in Windows 8 it's look like i.e
"Error 25000. Bluestacks currently doesn't recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try install again."


"Your Graphic Driver Seems to be Out-of-date. Bluestack requires updated driver to run. Update now"
The Bluestack require 2-3 GB of Ram to work properly and a 512 Graphic Card ( not Accelerator) to work with best Experience. But Even after that i have 8 GB of Ram and 2+2 (Nvidia 630 M +Intel 4000HD) it showing a Graphic Card Error.

Learn How to Solve Bluestack Graphic driver out-of-date Error and Bluestack Graphic Error 25000:

Solution 1:
The Older Version of Bluestack don't require this type of Updates and Higher Specification requirement. You are planning to use for Software's like Whatsapp,wechat,Truecaller and many other not high Graphics Apps then Download the Older Verison of Bluestack from here(Download).(If it says that Higher Version is already installed then use uninstaller software of iorbit to uninstall the Bluestack completely with registry files from your Computer.Download from here)

But you will not be able to find High Graphic require Games like Fruit Ninja,Subway surfer. But you can Play games like Hill Climb. So this solution is only for Low and Less Requirement.

Solution 2:
Really Update Your Graphic Driver from the Sites. You need Java Enable Browser to Auto detect Your PC graphic card:
Solution 3:
Install iOrbit Driver Booster and Install it. It will Scan the Whole System and Automatically show you the Out dated Driver. You can download the Whole Advance Care software from this blog. (Download it from here).

Solution 4:
Bluestack Graphic Driver Check Skip Technique. 
This is the Sure way to solve your Problem. You have to Create a Registry File which will tell Bluestack that Skip the Graphic Driver Test and Runn the BlueStack. You have to Follow these Steps.
  • First you need BlueStacks App Player Offline Installer.(Download it from Here)
  • Go to "Registry Editor" (Start > Run > type "regedit")
  • Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config"
  • Create a new DWORD value by right click on the right panel and choose "DWORD Value"
  • Rename DWORD Value name to "SkipGraphicsDriverCheck" and change the value "1" by double click it.
  • Try to install the BlueStacks App Player again.
  • Grr88!! You are Done. This will Definitely Solve your Problem. If you are still suffering then Comment Us.
Solution 5:
 This is also the Best method to Update your Driver and Runn Bluestack. Just Follow there Simple steps and You are done.
  • Go to Device Manager from Computer Properties >>Display Adapters >> Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Right Click and Say Update Software >> Browse my Computer >> Let me Pick from a List( at bottom).
  • Then select all the Driver with WDDM 1.2 in its Name.
  • That will allow you to Update and Run the New Bluestack HD Pro Beta 1 and 2.
Solution 6:
Comming soon... :p
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