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What is Microsoft WebMatrix ? 
Microsoft WebMatrix will be a free of charge, cloud-connected internet development software for Home windows. WebMatrix allows designers to develop websites making use of built-in templates or well-known open-source programs, with complete assistance for ASP.net, PHP, Node.js and HTML 5. Microsoft created WebMatrix for the objective of offering web designers with coding, customization, and posting abilities all in one location.

Features of Microsoft WebMatrix:
  1. Mobile simulators.
  2. Remote and offline editing.
  3. Built-in SEO and performance reports.
  4. Transfer files using FTP and Web Deploy.
  5. Deployment tools for files and database.
  6. Database manager for MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQL CE.
  7. Support for jQuery, jQuery Mobile, LESS and Sass.
  8. Download remote sites to your computer for local editing.
  9. Editing for server side languages ASP.NET, PHP and Node.js.
  10. Deployment to either shared hosting, dedicated servers or Windows Azure.
  11. Simplified creation, publishing, and synchronization of companion cloud websites.
  12. Integration with source control systems including Git and Team Foundation Server.
  13. Source code completion and syntax highlighting for HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript.

Download Mirrors:
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