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  • What is Office Starter?
    • Office Starter consists of Word Starter and Excel Starter only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising. It does not contain Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, or Outlook.
  • How do I get Office Starter?
    • Office Starter is only available as preloaded software on select new PCs.
  • Is Office Starter a trial?
    • Office Starter is not trial software — you can continue to use it as long as you need. When you’re ready to move up to PowerPoint, Outlook and the many rich functionalities in a full Office version, upgrading is just a few clicks away.
  • Are Word Starter and Excel Starter different than full Word and Excel?
    • Yes, Word Starter and Excel Starter are reduced functionality versions of the full versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Word Starter and Excel Starter include features for basic authoring and editing, but lack more powerful features like the ability to track comments and changes in your documents; password protect your documents; create tables of contents, footnotes, citations or bibliographies; perform advanced data analysis such as with pivot tables; and the ability to customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Is Office Starter compatible with other Office suites?
    • Yes, Office Starter has the same file support as full Office 2010. You will be able to easily send documents back and forth from Office Starter to other people using the full versions of Word and Excel and vice versa. Starter provides full fidelity viewing, so people who are using Office Starter will still be able to see features that are not included in Office Starter.
  • Is Office Starter compatible with older versions of Office?
    • Yes, similar to other editions of Office 2010, Office Starter is compatible with older versions of Office.
  • Is Office Starter compatible with Works?
    • Yes, Office Starter will open Works word processing and spreadsheet files. Certain images in Works word processing files, such as watermarks, may be reduced in quality when opened in Office Starter. In addition, certain formulas in Works spreadsheet files will not transfer.
  • Can I upgrade from Office Starter to a full version of Office?
    • Yes, you can easily and conveniently upgrade from Office Starter at any time to a full version of Office 2010 that fits your life. You’ll have options for the full spectrum of Office tools and capabilities at your fingertips: PowerPoint 2010 to create attention-getting presentations; Outlook 2010 for smart email and scheduling tools; OneNote 2010 to organize projects, notes and information in one easy-to-find spot; and other programs to help you stay connected, creative and productive.
  • Differences between Office Starter 2010 and Office 2010?
    • Office Starter differs from the complete version of Office in that it includes just two productivity programs (Word Starter and Excel Starter), and the interface includes display advertising. Features typically used in business or academic settings are not included.

      If you find that you want more features, you can upgrade to Office 2010 right from Office Starter 2010. Just click Purchase on the Home tab on the ribbon.
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