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DEER HUNTER 2014 is a legendary first person shooting game available on the Android’s app store i.e. Google play store. The game is so popular that the developers just now launched another version named DEER HUNTER 2014 and I’m going to share a guide here on how to get DEER HUNTER 2014 for PC free download.
The game was launched in the last month on the play store and it had already received millions of reviews, ratings and social shares. This clearly shows how better the game is and how crazy users are for this game.

Features of DEER HUNTER 2014 game :

  • I’ve already explained the popularity of the game and now you’re going to find the reason for that. Following are the features of DEER HUNTER 2014 Android game. The game is available for free but it deserves any price.
  •  The game has got superb quality of game play and graphics. Sound effects are also there to further increase the game playing experience. The graphics are of HD quality and due to this particular feature a low end Android device will not be able to support the game. But in case you got at least dual-core running Android device then you can easily start playing the game.
  •  Tons of weapons are there in the game which you can use and there are certain situations in the game where only the traditional knife will work to save your life. Basically you are going on the hunt in the jungle and you have to kill all the wild animals coming in your way, specially deers.
  •  As you go on hunting in the game then you’ll be awarded with trophies and you have to keep on collecting them in your profile. The trophies reflect the shootings and hunting skills you got.
  •  Users in this game can not only use lots of weapons but they can even upgrade their weapons so that they can give better results in some worst conditions. The game is kind of endless running as you’re going through the forest and the hunting will never end unless you stop playing the game.
  •  The game is a true first person shooting game and you can’t find any better than DEER HUNTER 2014 for your Android device. The game provides superb quality of game playing experience and I’m sure you’ll love the FPS experience.

Download Deer Hunter 2014 for Android and iPhone:

Download Deer Hunter 2014 for Windows 7/8 and MAC:
 Download Deer Hunter 2014 apk:  
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