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Helloo Guys, Wass up...Today with a new Strategy game developed by okapp. In this you have to make a zombie Enemy and Make different Super Weapons. In this guide I will tell you How to Download Battle of Zombies : Clans MMO for PC. This is a Strategy game of Zombies. So just Download and also Play Online. Its a Online Multiplayer Player Games. So Just Follow the Guide and Install the Download Battle of Zombies to PC.

Description & Features of New Battle of Zombies :
Battle of Zombies is an exciting mixture of strategy and dynamic battles. Create a powerful zombie army. Produce sets of super-secret weapon and join clans. Attack enemies and deprive them of trophies and resources. Download Battle of Zombies now!

Game features:
  • Free-to-play MMO RTS game
  • Online MMO RTS battles with other players
  • 10 unique zombie fighting units with levels of upgrades
  • 12 types of defensive structures with levels of upgrades
  • 9 types of secret weapons with levels of upgrades
  • Develop your Zombie Base to produce more resources
  • Join clans to fight clan battles
  • Bonuses for beginners
  • Multiplayer RTS game
  • Interesting quests for quick development of the player
  • Exciting Campaign Map
  • Funny and charismatic characters and beautiful graphics
  • Clan tournaments and contests

Download Battle of Zombies for Android and iPhone:
Download Battle of Zombies for Windows 7/8 and MAC:

Download Battle of Zombies APK file(Offline Download):
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