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Hello Friends Today I am Going to share the Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2.2  Update Offline Installer Full Setup Free Download. In this Post we have shown the Full features of Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2.2 2014  Update. This Features Listed here are given by Adobe. So Friends Below is the new Update of Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe is a popular freeware website which provides much more product free for people around the world like Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Adobe reader, Adobe Dreamweaver etc. Adobe illustrator CS6 is one of them which is free for Graphic Designers. It is a utility which helps to edit vector graphics.The new utility tool Adobe illustrator CS6 update 16.2.2 helps their users to expand their production. This newest utility tool has some new functions and improvements in it, which help to increase users productivity.

Some new features have been added in this latest utility tool that enhancing its performance as compare to its old version. Now you will not find any problem during your work. Much more great changes have been done in it to improved and make similar with other utility tool's creative suite. However, once you will install the latest updated version then you will experience its new features through it's functions.

Features of Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2.2 :

  • Adobe Mercury Performance System
  • Pattern creation
  • Image trace
  • Gradients on strokes
  • Efficient, customizeable interface
  • Inline editing in panels
  • Gaussian Blur enhancements
  • Color panel enhancements
  • Transform panel enhancements
  • Type panel improvements
  • Dockable hidden tools
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Variable-width strokes
  • Bristle Brush
  • Beautiful Strokes
  • Shape Builder tool
  • Drawing enhancements
  • Multiple artboard enhancements
  • Clean, sharp text for web and mobile devices
  • Resolution-independent effects
  • Blob Brush tool
  • Transparency in gradients
  • Multiple artboards
  • Gradients exposed
  • In-panel appearance editing
  • Separations Preview
  • Live Color
  • Drawing tools and controls
  • Integration with Adobe design applications
  • Live Paint
  • Isolation Mode
  • Advanced typography
  • Control panel
  • Eraser tool
  • New Document Profiles

Download Mirrors Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.2.2 Update 2014 :

Operating Systems: Windows 8 , Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows xp
Version: 16.2.2  (released: 27-June-2014)
Size : 15,79 MB
Developer: Adobe
Homepage: Adobe.com
License: Freeware

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