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Hello Friend Today I m Going to share the famous Adguard Web Filter. What is Adguard Web Filter ? It is a Software to stops the wrong ads and pops to get rise as their are many websites which uses wrong ads and Pops up ads which wrong for kids and to stop them it is the best rated by 4.5/5 stars by user. So just Download Adguard Web Filter Full version free Setup.

The Internet holds tons of useful information; however, most websites nowadays contain a large number of futile advertisements and pop-ups. That slows up the entire webpage loading process and the page itself once loaded. They also pile up to create a stressful Internet browsing experience. Some of them might even act as gateways for malware to invade your system or render X-rated content.

Adguard Web Filter provides you with the tools to make the most of your web surfing by removing those irritating items and thus, decreasing loading times and redirecting, which saves up traffic for more important web content. It goes beyond blocking ordinary ads by also intercepting video, rich media or non-standard ad varieties.

Features of Adguard Web Filter Full Setup: 
  • Protects from phishing and malware websites 
    • Our database contains millions websites. With Adguard you are securely protected from scams! 
  • Blocks all types of ads
    • Aside from blocking the most common type of ads in the form of banners, Adguard also blocks video ads, flash ads, and other unconventional types of ads. 
  • Blocks websites with content inappropriate for children
    • With Adguard, you won’t have to fear for your children running into adult content across any and all sites they might visit. 
  • Shows which sites can be trusted
  •  Speeds up websites loading and saves bandwidth
    • Ads are removed before data is downloaded to your computer, resulting in faster loading times. 
  • Works with all browsers
    • Adguard supports all top browsers. And in the unlikely event that your browser isn’t supported by default, you can simply add it in the settings! 

Why Adguard?

  1. Because you simply will not find an easier ad blocking program. Adguard is really easy and user-friendly program, which removes internet advertising once for all.
  2. Adguard functions not only as an ad blocker, but also secures reliable protection from malicious websites and internet fraud. Regardless of whether an antivirus is installed on your computer or not, Adguard seriously increases your security on the Internet.
  3. Adguard has a built-in protection from porn sites and other sites that are not appropriate for children, and increases the safety of children on the Internet.
  4. Adguard works faster than any of its competitors. It’s a fact. Our adblock uses less memory and CPU and removes ads even BEFORE the page is loaded into your browser. None of the Adblock browser-extensions comes near to Adguard in the quality of blocking.
  5. Adguard is a program widely recognized around the world. Almost 4 million people from different countries became our regular users, and the program is gaining popularity.
Download Mirrors for Adguard Web Filter Full Setup:
Operating Systems: Windows 8 , Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows xp
Version: 5.9.1081.5529  (released: 16th-July-2014)
Size : 338 KB
Developer: Adshows LLC
Homepage: adguard.com

License: Trail / 19.95$

Download links :
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